on concluding a purchase and sale agreement

1.General provisions

This Public Offer contains the conditions for concluding a Purchase and Sale Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Purchase and Sale Agreement" and/or the "Agreement"). This offer is recognized as an offer addressed to one or more specific persons, which is sufficiently specific and expresses the intention of the person who made the offer to consider himself to have entered into an Agreement with the addressee who will accept the offer.

Completion of the actions specified in this Offer is confirmation of the consent of both Parties to enter into a Sale and Purchase Agreement on the terms, in the manner and to the extent set forth in this Offer.

The following text of the Public Offer is an official public offer of the Seller, addressed to an interested circle of persons to conclude a Purchase and Sale Agreement. The Purchase

and Sale Agreement is considered concluded and becomes valid from the moment the Parties perform the actions provided for in this Offer, and meaning unconditional and full acceptance of all conditions of this Offer without any exceptions or restrictions on the terms of accession.

Terms and definitions:

Agreement – the text of this Offer with the Appendices, which are an integral part of this Offer, accepted by the Buyer by performing the implied actions provided for by this Offer.

Conclusive actions are behavior that expresses agreement with the counterparty's proposal to conclude, change or terminate a contract. Actions consist of full or partial fulfillment of the conditions proposed by the counterparty.

The Seller's website on the Internet is a set of programs for electronic computers and other information contained in the information system, access to which is provided via the Internet at the domain name and network address: Parties to the

Agreement (Parties) – Seller and Buyer.

Goods - goods under a sales contract can be any thing subject to the rules

2.Subject of the Agreement

2.1. Under this Agreement, the Seller undertakes to transfer the item (Goods) into the ownership of the Buyer, and the Buyer undertakes to accept the Goods and pay a certain amount of money for it.

2.2. The name, quantity, as well as the range of the Product, its cost, delivery procedure and other conditions are determined on the basis of the Seller's information when the Buyer fills out an application, or are established on the Seller's website on the Internet 2.3

. Acceptance of this Offer is expressed in the performance of implied actions, in particular:

actions related to registering an account on the Seller's Website on the Internet if there is a need to register an account;

by drawing up and filling out an application for placing an order for the Product;

by providing the information required for concluding the Agreement by telephone or email indicated on the Seller's website on the Internet, including when the Seller calls back at the Buyer's request;

payment for the Goods by the Buyer.

This list is not exhaustive; there may be other actions that clearly express the person's intention to accept the counterparty's offer.

3.Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1. Rights and obligations of the Seller:

3.1.1. The Seller has the right to demand payment for the Goods and their delivery in the manner and on the terms provided for in the Agreement;

3.1.2. Refuse to conclude an Agreement on the basis of this Offer to the Buyer in the event of his dishonest behavior, in particular in the case of:

more than 2 (Two) refusals of Goods of proper quality during the year;

providing knowingly false personal information;

return of the Goods damaged or used by the Buyer;

other cases of dishonest behavior indicating that the Buyer has concluded the Agreement for the purpose of abuse of rights, and the absence of the usual economic purpose of the Agreement - the acquisition of the Goods.

3.1.3. The Seller undertakes to provide the Buyer with the Goods of proper quality and in proper packaging;

3.1.4. Transfer the Goods free from the rights of third parties;

3.1.5. Arrange delivery of Goods to the Buyer;

3.1.6. Provide the Buyer with all the necessary information in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and this Offer;

3.2. Rights and obligations of the Buyer:

3.2.1. The Buyer has the right to demand the transfer of the Goods in the manner and under the conditions provided for in the Agreement.

3.2.2. Require the provision of all necessary information in accordance with the requirements of this Offer;

3.2.3. Refuse the Product on the grounds of this Offer

3.2.4. The Buyer undertakes to provide the Seller with reliable information necessary for the proper execution of the Agreement;

3.2.5. Accept and pay for the Goods in accordance with the terms of the Agreement;

3.2.6. The Buyer guarantees that all terms of the Agreement are clear to him; The buyer accepts the terms without reservation and in full.

4.Price and payment procedure

4.1. The cost, as well as the payment procedure for the Goods, are determined based on the Seller's information when the Buyer fills out an application, or are established on the Seller's website on the Internet:

4.2. All payments under the Agreement are made by bank transfer.

5.Confidentiality and security

5.1. When implementing this Agreement, the Parties ensure the confidentiality and security of personal data

5.2. The parties undertake to maintain the confidentiality of information received during the execution of this Agreement and to take all possible measures to protect the information received from disclosure.

5.3. Confidential information means any information transmitted by the Seller and the Buyer in the process of implementing the Agreement and subject to protection, exceptions are indicated below.

5.4. Such information may be contained in local regulations, contracts, letters, reports, analytical materials, research results, diagrams, graphs, specifications and other documents provided by the Seller, both on paper and electronic media.

6.Force majeure

6.1. The Parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement if proper fulfillment turned out to be impossible due to force majeure, that is, extraordinary and unpreventable circumstances under the given conditions, which mean: prohibited actions of the authorities, epidemics, blockades, embargoes, earthquakes, floods, fires or other natural disasters.

6.2. If these circumstances occur, the Party is obliged to notify the other Party about this within 30 (Thirty) business days.

6.3. A document issued by an authorized government body is sufficient confirmation of the presence and duration of force majeure.

6.4. If force majeure circumstances continue to apply for more than 60 (Sixty) business days, then each Party has the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement.

7.Responsibility of the Parties

7.1. In case of failure to fulfill and/or improper fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the terms of this Offer.

7.2. The Party that fails to fulfill or improperly fulfills its obligations under the Agreement is obliged to compensate the other Party for losses caused by such violations.

8.Validity period of this Offer

8.1. The Offer comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Seller's Website and is valid until it is withdrawn by the Seller.

8.2. The Seller reserves the right to amend the terms of the Offer and/or withdraw the Offer at any time at its discretion. Information about changes or withdrawal of the Offer is communicated to the Buyer at the Seller's option by posting it on the Seller's website on the Internet, in the Buyer's Personal Account, or by sending a corresponding notification to the email or postal address specified by the Buyer when concluding the Agreement or during its execution.

8.3. The Agreement comes into force from the moment the Buyer accepts the terms of this Offer and is valid until the Parties fully fulfill their obligations under the Agreement.

8.4. Changes made by the Seller to the Agreement and published on the website in the form of an updated Offer are considered accepted by the Buyer in full.

9.Additional conditions

9.1. In the event of a dispute that may arise between the Parties in the course of fulfilling their obligations under the Agreement concluded on the terms of this Offer, the Parties are obliged to resolve the dispute peacefully before the start of legal proceedings.

Pre-trial dispute resolution is mandatory.

9.2. The inaction of one of the Parties in the event of a violation of the terms of this Offer does not deprive the interested Party of the right to protect its interests later, and also does not mean a waiver of its rights if one of the Parties commits similar or similar violations in the future.

9.3. If the Seller's Internet Site contains links to other websites and materials of third parties, such links are provided for informational purposes only, and the Seller has no control over the content of such sites or materials. The seller is not responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of such links.

10.Seller details

Full name: Rodev Sergey Vladimirovich

Contact e-mail: